Here is my Tweetdeck


What hashtags I follow.







Three specific new things, resources, ideas you learned by following them:

I found many interesting resources on each Tweetdeck. Below are my findings.

#educhat– I found an interesting podcast called “What’s My Accent?” found on This podcast ties in accents and geography. I also found resources that can be downloaded for a creative writing unit on creative writing descriptions.  Here is the link

#STEM-I found a variety of sources on this Tweetdeck.  I think I was expecting something different from #STEM such as STEM project ideas. Instead, I found sources such as math graphing, women in science, space findings, and information on a Master’s program for health care.  These particular topics would not be very helpful for teaching 5th-grade STEM, but they were interesting. Perhaps I should narrow my #.

#growthmindset-I was excited to find a hashtag on growth mindset because I follow Jo Boaler and her math project which focuses on growth mindset. I love this poster I found on the Tweetdeck.

I also liked the tweets I read in general on this Tweetdeck.  They were all about not giving up while working independently or in groups and know that It is ok to make mistakes. This is something I bring into my classroom to set a positive and safe tone.

#projectbasedlearning- This Tweetdeck focuses a lot on learning by doing. I found a link to iBlocks which is an engineering process that dives into STEM projects.

#edtechchat-I found a free webinar about I think this Tweetdeck will be the most useful to me to help me find more continued PD and ideas about how to integrate tech into education.

#connectedPD- I joined this Tweetdeck because I want more variety in my PD.  I immediately found a great webinar on service learning. I also found some tweets about specific PD’s and the collaboration effort behind them.

Thoughts about using Twitter as a form of just-in-time professional development. 

When I think of using Twitter as a form of just-in-time professional development, the idiom, “There’s more than one way to skin a cat” comes to mind. As I set up my Tweetdeck and actually took the time to scroll through each column, I did notice there were quite a lot of resources on there that could actually be helpful.  I also noticed the more specific the #, the better the resources. If the # is too general, there could be a lot of information that might not be useful. That is when the trip down the rabbit hole begins…That said, I do think Twitter could be a useful resource for PD. I have typically been a part of educational organizations that I am interested in and go to their conferences.  I have also signed up for PD days at school. It can be a hit or miss with the quality or interest level of the workshop. I am a new Twitter user, but I am starting to see the value it can have on educational and professional development if used wisely.